Calling it in the Ring - W/ Tito Santana
Hailing from Toculo, Mexico and full of Latin Lightning, 2004
WWE Hall of Fame inductee and 2 time WWE Intercontinental and 2 time WWE tag team champion, Tito Santana is one of the most respected and beloved superstars to ever step through the ropes. With
his trademark ARIBA & Flying Forearm, El Matador is a true legend.

It's a brand new show featuring the WWE Hall of Famer, Tito Santana, also known to many fans as "El Matador." His career with the WWE, then the WWF ran for almost 20 years as he was there for it all! From working with Vince McMahon Sr. thru the rock-n-wrestling days of the 80s, into the New Generation and right up until the Attitude Era. He has seen it all, including being ringside for the Montreal Screwjob in 1997.


Extreme Thoughts Behind the Stripes - w/ John Finegan

John Finegan, the extreme official started with ECW before it was EXTREME. Known then as Eastern Championship Wrestling, ECW would go on to become a worldwide phenomena that is still talked about to this day!

John was apart of ECW even before Paul Heyman and was there until the very end, and now for the first time ever he is opening up about his experiences and telling behind the scenes tales and never before told stories from the land of the extreme!


@2018 Calling it in the Ring

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